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Improve your decision making

The new and revolutionary book "Commitment" about risk management and Real Options will help you improve your decision making!

Commitment helps you to:

  • Get more control over your decisions
  • Gain more information when you have to decide
  • Stop making the wrong decisions

Order now and start making better decisions! 

Real Options in a new format.

Commitment is the first graphic business novel about Real Options. Writers Olav Maassen and Chris Matts introduce learning in a formats that suits the reader rather than the writer. Explaining the topic of real options in an easy to understand format. A simple and practical guide to enable you to create business value by using risk management and Real Options.

Read about Rose Randall in a gripping story and how she learns to use Real Options to better manage the risk on her project.

Risk Management and Real Options

Real Options is a process that helps you understand WHEN to make decisions rather than HOW to make decisions. Timing of decision making is crucial in everything you do, however deferring commitments causes stress to many people. Real options helps you manage that stress by creating bounded uncertainty in an context of total uncertainty. This is not a simple process that you copy and learn to adopt through practice. This is a new way of looking at the world around you.

As well as helping you optimize and manage your processes at work, real options will help you manage stress and uncertainty in your personal lives, examples include a bride managing her wedding way by using Real Options, and parents using Real Options to manage stressful times in their Children's education.

Real Options is easier to do than you think and is more powerful than you can imagine.

Order now and start making better decisions as soon as you get it! 

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