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What's a "Graphic Business Novel"?

 Our book has the delivery format of a graphic business novel. It is the combination of a business novel, such as "The Goal" by Eli Goldratt and a graphic novel, such as "The adventures of Johnny Bunko" by Daniel Pink.

A business novel is a teaching story, a work of fiction with the goal to teach the reader a concept. A graphic novel allows for a compelling, accessible and visual way of explaining difficult concepts. Will Eisner first used comics successfully as a teaching tool to replace the training manuals used by the US Army since WW II. By combining the two styles of a business novel with a graphic novel we are able to keep the reader enticed in the story as well as explain theories both in word and visuals.

The drawing style of the graphic novel has been chosen to fit the business purpose of the book. It has a more serious style than regular comics. The first chapter is available on the downloads page.

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