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Book launch events in London and Amersfoort

Interested in finding out more about the book and its creation process?  Please join us at one of the two launch events we're organizing: May 14th in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and May 16th in London, UK. Both events will be in the evening. To find out more about these events, go to their registration page: Launch event in Amersfoort: Launch event in London:  - Read More

Final Publication Date: May 14th, 2013

Due to legal reasons (setting up the company took longer than expected) the publication date has moved to May 14th, 2013. We apologize to make you wait, but it was required to go through a number of steps. We are excited the book is finished and we hope you like it. We know it was worth your wait. Now for some good news: The files have been send to the printer and should arrive in a few weeks. We will be having two launch events: one in the Netherlands (May 14) and one in London (May 16). Our book is..  - Read More

Announcing publication date: April 23, 2013!

After months of hard work we are now confident and proud to announce the publication date of our book: April 23, 2013! If you have pre-ordered a book you should receive your copy around that date. Make sure to get your order in soon. The first copies will all be numbered and may become a collector's item. We will be holding multiple launch events. The first one will be in the Netherlands on May 14, 2013. If you want to join us, let us know and we'll send you the details. More news soon!  - Read More

Creating a graphic novel without contracts

We eat our own dog food. So how do we use Real Options in creating our graphic business novel? One of example of this is how we view and deal with legal contracts: we try to avoid them! Let us explain. Real Options "Never commit early unless you know why" is one of the rules of the Real Options process. But how does it apply to creating a graphic novel? Using "Real Options" means the following: 1) Spot commitments. 2) Deal with them. Either turn them into options (remove them), push them back in time (defer them), create options so..  - Read More

Status update 2012-08-23

Here is a brief update on our current status. Chapter one is finished. Chapter two is finished. Chapter three: artwork is finished, texts such as blog posts and diaries are currently in the works. This chapter is likely to be split as this one is as big as the first two chapters together. Chapter four: The scenes are drawn in thumbnails to get a feel for the flow including dialogues. Chapter five: Rough outline written Chapter six: Rough outline written We believe we are still on schedule to have the book finished by December 2012.  - Read More

Free Shipping for order over €50,-

Announcing free shipping! For a limited time we are offering to pay for the shipping of your order when you order more than one book. This offer expires October 31, 2012. Also know that any order placed now will be for a first print limited edition of our book "Commitment". The estimated publication date is December 2012.  - Read More

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